South Africa comes from a history of Xenephobia and need serious intervention and leadership savvy from government, labour, business and civil society in emancipating away from all of our prejudices of the past.

It is not so much about our diversity but more of a personal and inherent negative and suspicious mindset that individuals carry with them wherever they may go. Culturally, religiously, racially and otherwise we carry this heavy bundle of prejudices and we so quickly disseminate our poisonous venom on others. Many of our “leadership” remain passive on these critical societal prejudices as it may negatively impact on their “worldly” stature.

Diversity is about respect for all of creation. It is an inherent moral and value creation that is very spiritual that we all have to love, to care, to share, to feel for others and assist and support for their social upliftment and wellbeing. It is not a social responsibility but more of a responsibility on each and every one of us to care and to share with humanity. We need to have respect for our very diversity as history reveals that the past political scenario has broken us into pockets of race, culture, religion and other forms of prejudices including gender prejudices.

South Africans need to very seriously assess themselves and to unleash that very beauty that they aspire to in times of need. We will always be dependant on one another for that is the real meaning of developing the beauty in our diversity. So many of our African foreign national have so much to offer in developing that very “UBUNTU” that came as a result of our decades of struggle against oppression and prejudices. Small little incidences can be mentioned in their thousands of what make us to carry this heavy bundle of prejudices with us all the time. It is time now to unlock the shackles that make the heart so ugly and weak. Love and compassion, assist and support those in need and the down trodden. Develop that beauty of your knowledge of oppression and prejudices and put in its place the love and compassion, the care and the understanding, and help and support the need of our African brothers and sisters together with support for their families in order to bring comfort to them. Shower them with the same love and compassion that we are now accustomed to and let us really show the world that we care about Africa and the wellbeing of all its people.

When it comes to understand the negative impact that xenephobia have on ourselves and then on the broader community, replace that what will make our hearts develop into a phenomenal ball of love, care, empathy, support and assist the very core of our spirituality.

We all have a role to play in bringing xenephobia to its knees and destroy the fibre of oppression and prejudices and make it easier on yourself to rather carry a lighter but stronger bundle of joy and loving every minute of our diversity. I love South Africa and its people, our senior citizens and our children that we pray will enjoy real love, security and freedom from oppression and prejudices.

We urge government, labour, religous denominations and civil society to show proactive action in ensuring that xenephobia will never be a part of our co-existence in this beautiful country of ours. The RAINBOW NATION will be much stronger as they move ahead to inculcate in every sector of our society and our natural environments, all the ingredients that will develop and enhance our love, care, empathy and actions to prove that South Africa as the Southern most tip of Africa holds the key to love for humanity and creation.

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2 thoughts on “BE A CHAMPION OF CHANGE !

  • Bongani Mnguni

    it is unfortunate that most if not all instigators behind this do not physically participate in this events, yes we have a role to play in bringing xenophobia and other similar events. i often wonder though whether without proper education we will be able to accomplish this, especially since we have more blind followers than leaders in this country.

  • Andile Nconjane

    I couldnt agree with you more,as this is the indication of bringing change in our society,We have to condemn xenophobia. Its strange how sometimes we forget easily two week’s back when Ghana was playing Uruguay we were all united under the umbrella of Africans, we even named Ghana “African Stars” as they were representing all of us and when Suarez shattered our dreams we were all devastated,you could feel that indeed we were one rainbow nation, but then a week later we plan on attacking the one’s we rejoiced with. Moegsien you made it clear that we have to bring Xenophobia to its knees and destroy it. I fully support you!!!