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09 July 2010

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

Soccer is a Religion, so the saying goes. With religion is associated integrity, honesty, obedience, discipline, faith and hope. In essence soccer is the gateway to ALL these characteristics. Depending on the attitude, the quality and the spirituality of the coach, soccer is a life skill that has the potential to open the gateway of opportunity, instill confidence, build self esteem and free children from the strangulation of gangsterism, substance abuse and indiscipline. Indeed stories abound of success in these areas through numerous coaches who serve children with a passion, with their heart and soul. And it is this very PASSION and SERVICE that Gift of the Givers wants to ignite through its Grassroots Soccer Development programme.

Our 9th programme will take place, this time in Soweto, on Saturday, 10 July.

The question is raised, is there life after the world cup? The world cup is not an end in itself, only a means to a greater end, that being the motivation and inspiring of impressionable children and supportive adults in the holistic and technical development of our children and youth in a sport that delivers much more in human evolution than just pure entertainment

Present at the Soweto event, which takes place next to the Adelaide Tambo School for the Physically Challenged (a school adopted by Gift of the Givers), will be numerous soccer legends of past, who served the game with a passion, not for commercial gain, not for self enrichment but only for LOVE. It is expected that this same love will be transferred into the various teams and spectators representing the full spectrum on the rainbow nation, that will be present.

As is our practice, soccer kits, shirts and balls will be given out and the very poor will benefit from the distribution of 2000 blankets and the feeding of 2000 people. The event which promises to be a showcase of the South African spirit of Ubuntu, the holding of hands across the rainbow nation and the uniting if spirits, will be held at White City, Jabavu, Mphuthi and Mlangeni Street, 9am-2pm to accomodate the host of local and international media companies that have requested special times to accomodate them.

For further details contact:
Allauddin Sayed: 083 667 7179
Emily Thomas: 083 652 0315
Imtiaz Sooliman: 083 236 4029


Dr Imtiaz Sooliman
Chairman and Founder

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