South Africa – it does not matter

For all in Mzantsi,

Please play this attached file with your sound turned up to full.

SA – It Does Not Matter.pps

(For those not totally familiar with Powerpoint, if it opens as a presentation, click slideshow (the little TV down at the bottom) and when it ends right click to end the show.)

(For those without Powerpoint, the words are printed below.)

“It does not matter that we did not qualify.

What matters is our team inspired us all.

What matters is they gave us hope.

It does not matter that we were alone….

because now we are together,

What started as a game …

is becoming something more.

What matters is what we are creating…

…the jobs

…the skills

…the infrastructure and

our common future.

It does not matter that we did not qualify.

What matter is that we host the best

World Cup ever.

Let’s not stop now.

We have opened our hearts to each other …

Now let’s open them to the world.

Starting now:

  • choose another country to support
  • paint your face for that team
  • fill the fan parks
  • help a tourist
  • say hello to new people
  • fly the flags even higher, and
  • be proud of our country.

This is our chance.

Let’s keep it going.

Ke Nako.

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