Dealing with Difficult People at Work

A large portion of our day is spent communicating and interacting with colleagues and other individuals in the workplace. Often, our success or failure depends on how well we are able to communicate with others and on our ability to gain trust and co-operation.
Unfortunately however, not all people are alike and communication becomes very difficult when dealing with individuals who are considered to be displaying ‘difficult’ personalities or behavioural traits. Consider for a moment just how powerless you feel when dealing with someone who tends to have adult tantrums and whose reactions to situations is completely uncalled for, or the frustration you feel when dealing with someone who just shuts down and will not engage in conversation any further.

By learning to recognise the most commonly found ‘difficult’ communication types, and by learning why these people behave the way that they do, you will be able to take back control of the situation and have a meaningful interaction, without resorting to conflict or other ineffective communication tactics.

For more information on how you can learn to cope with difficult people at work, check out my article on page 32 of the July 2010 issue of Essentials Magazine (South Africa only) or contact us at to find out more about our exciting and interactive one day workshop on ‘Communicating Effectively with even the most difficult of people.’
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