There is no doubt in my mind that South Africa have of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

We as knowledgeable experts in the field of human capital development need to show Leadership and Vision and face the challenges and certainly the entrepreneurial opportunities that will emerge from projects like the 2010 World Cup. These opportunities can only present itself by positive entrepreneurs who have the talents of identifying the many opportunities facing us, and it is up to us to show the way forward to those whom weserve so aptly.

This is not just a statement of fact, but an experience throughout many years of interacting, participating and facilitating a strategy and process on how we can get many young and “not so young” entrepreneurs into the mainstream of our economy. We need to realise that more than 80 % of our entrepreneurs are employed in the small and micro business sector. Sadly to mention that more than 40 % are really unemployed or are employed in the informal business sector.

The challenge for all of us is “how we can get many of these entrepreneurs” to operate in the second economy of this country. The answer is very simple, “get government back to the basics of the second economy, and get the masses in the environment of work”! Entrepreneurship is a basic talent in all of us but requires a facilitator to “spark it” and nurture the inherent talents of our many, many entrepreneurs.

We need to find the “GUTS” to challenge government on the various trade agreements that inhibits small and micro operating entrepreneurs to be efficient and effective, and to force them to apply a process of free market economic principles. Local government really need to be taken to task and require a complete overhaul that will ensure effective and efficient service delivery. the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is a process of involving every single municipality in listening and implementing the municipal activity around the communities that it serves. Most municipalities are not effective nor efficient due to a lack of Vision and entrepreneurial “spark” in the Leadership (Executive Mayor and its Councillors) as well as the incompetence in the Leading Management ( Municipal Managers and the Senior Management Staff).

It is high time that the MEC’s in Provincial Governments and its incompetent colleagues in Municipalities be called to “account” for the losses and damages to the image of government structures and the reckless spending of resources that do not add value to the economy of the people that it serves. You can have the best of learner, student and entrepreneurial programmes and projects in place, but without a Vision, Purpose and commitment from the “leadership” to serve the people and country, we will all remain “POOR” and incapacitated. South Africans are eager to learn and to grow, and of the few young entrepreneurs who make it happen, so sadly leave South African shores for better pastures elsewhere. One need to recognise that young South africans are sought after in many parts of the world for their skills, morals, values and entrepreneurial talents.

We, who operate in the human capital and entrepreneurial environments and who are so committed in making things happen for the people that we serve, as well as for sustainable economic growth and development in the 1st and 2nd economies of this beautiful country and its rainbow nation need to be more vocal on these issues that hamper our successes. Most governments and its machineries are necessary evils that can be managed by ordinary citizens who must remain focus on issues of affection, love, care, empathy, assistance and supporting our diversity. Challenges and opportunities must be tackled in a manner that will serve the people first, and the government is legally obliged to create an environment that support justice and fairness and the protection of all its people in persuing an acceptable value and moral system.

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