Has anyone taken a ride on the Gautrain? 8

Hi all, I read that more than 20 000 people in Gauteng decided to spend their Sunday on the Gautrain – leading to it operating at 130% capacity. More than 40 000 people used the service over the weekend.

Did any Skills Universe members ride the Gautrain – and take pictures? If you did please let us know on the Skills Universe. You can upload the pics onto the site – us Cape Town-based people are very envious!

Do you think this was a once-off because the service is new, or do you think it will continue to be very popular?


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8 thoughts on “Has anyone taken a ride on the Gautrain?

  • Vanessa Wildey

    We decided to take a ride on the Gautrain in Sandton but the que was a bit too long so we ended up having a great time on the Nelson Mandela Square, it was an awesome experience on 16 June 2010. This Gautrain service will continue, it is real world class.

  • Kiki Coppin

    I have been on it at least 6 times. Last Monday traffic was terrible in Sandton, i parked my car in the parking lot, and took the Gautrain to Rhodefield, where i was picked up and home in no time. For the people who live in Pta or the East Rand will most definetly use the train more often than not. I will be using the Gautrain on Tuesday’s and Thursdays and use my car for the rest of the week. I don’t blame you Cape Townians for being envious – I love using the train – it is quick, easy and very convenient. I have some pictures which i will upload for you guys. Viva Gautrain, I can’t wait for the other legs to be completed.

  • Karen Hinrichs

    I went on the Gautrain yesterday – took my nephew to the airport so he could catch a flight to Australia. I did take pictures but as I am somewhat of a technophobe, it might take a while to be able to upload them! The ride to ORT was slow (because of the high demand) but cheerful – the driver spoke to the passengers a couple of times, the staff on the train were helpful and friendly and the customer care staff at Sandton Station were fantastic – knowledgeable as well as very solution-orientated. Once we had seen my nephew off, we returned to the ORT Station, topped up our Gautrain Gold Cards for future trips and then stepped on a train back to Sandton (which took exactly 15 minutes with stops at Rhodesfield and Marlboro). Again, friendly, chatty (different) driver and this time we did get to 160kph. The ride is smooth, quite quiet and the places where you sit (cabins? – can’t remember for the moment what they are called!) are plush and comfortable. I think yesterday was over the top in terms of numbers but I also think the Gautrain will be more popular than was originally anticipated. I can’t wait to ride again and I’malso looking forward to the Pretoria line which I think will improve my quality of life immeasurably!!

  • Tonja Wessels

    Yes, very envious sitting here in Cape Town, but i will definatelly ride on the Gautrain when i visit JNB! We are moving in the right direction and i believe it will contunue to be a popular mode of transport. Please share your pics and experiences with us!

  • Gavin Tonks

    A group of friends and I are planning but we have decided to wait for the Pretoria leg as this is the most awesome engineering feet as well.

    We were discussing it that the train may begin as a tourist attraction and not be a rail link as most South Africans [as seen in the chaos around the stadiums which have insufficient parking] want to drive their cars and park behind their seats.

    I was on the Hong Kong train in the first week it opened and this type of train is really something you must do at least once.

  • Menge Makgate

    I thought it would be good idea to take my 2 year old on the train and have lunch at the airport this weekend. However JHB is saturated with human beings at the moment and traveling on a train that is full to capacity can be a bit scary. Kids are being up ducted one cant be too careful. If I do I will post pictures of the train and the new busses. Just last week a child was found in staffed into a suitcase at a shopping mall. So moms keep an eagle eye on your children.