What the “heck” make you private practitioners even suggest that the FET Colleges & OTHER ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS are your competitors?

No way will I allow myself to be insulted by any suggestions of this nature as most of you have inherent entrepreneurial, professional, practical commerce and industry savvy that make you all stand out from the rest of the academia. You are the children of “THE UNIVERSE” that make the Skills Training & Development of our Human Capital so very very challenging. In fact, the mere understanding that your practical and many times “ON THE JOB TRAINING” bring home to the learners/students the real world of commerce & industry.

The training that you offer in areas eg. OHSA, Lifeskills, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting, Customer Service, Communication, Office administration, Public Relations, Human resources & Human Capital development, Performance Management, Risk Management, Governance, Stock Control, Quality Management Systems, Supply Chain Management Systems, Socio-Economics, Metal Work, Motor Vehicle repairs, Investments, Meeting Procedures & the Law, Conflict Management, Strategy & Planning, Time Management, Behaviour, Engineering, Welding, Electrical, Plumbing, Water Control & Quality Management, First Aid, Just In Time Management, Industrial Relations, Corporate & Commercial Law and so many other types of real business related programmes and qualifications is what make our economy tick. You offer Theory with Practice………….. what more can you offer, you in so many ways by virtue of this kind of interaction, you are the thinkers and the calculated risk takers. So how do we do it!

You have the creative and the innovative talents….. COME ON…………. you have the making of making the world go round & round…. YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE UNIVERSE!

The reason why the government in its Discussion Document NSDS iii is cautious on Private Training Providers is precisely because of the failures of the past and the tremendous successes that Private Training Providers can rightfully claim in adding value to the sustainable growth & development of our fairly stable economy and your successes in developing our human capital for our growing commerce & industry. The FET Colleges have yet to show that they can meet the challenges in developing human capital for a sustainable economy…….. I have my doubts.

And so my most revered and beloved colleagues that contribute to a Sustainable Growing & Developing Economy, and most of all Training & Developing our Most Precious Asset of this Rainbow Nation, must not create fear from the very “Government” Institution that we expect to Create an Enabling Environment for Growth & Development to be effective & efficient. The GOVERNMENT of the day is subtle in their acknowledement of your achievements & successes as private training providers.

The Government must be brave & act as leaders in giving Private Training Providers the Acknowledgement that they rightfully deserve and stop their “nonsense”, and to act BRAVE & BOLD as true LEADERS in building the South african Economy with a WELL TRAINED, EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT SOCIETY.

Please Please Please…. Prepare yourself and your organisations for the challenges and opportunities will be waiting on you COME 2011 and beyond.


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