Accepting that much of our behaviour impacts on our environment in which we operate and in many ways we need to have patience as we cannot change the “WORLD”.

Good leaders acquire exceptional talent in understanding human behaviour and what makes a person respond in a positive manner particularly those who are in a position of “Authority”. We need to accept that as a member of the human race we are all busy doing something, and our individual behaviour are different as weare continuously involved in various activities at different times.

It is because of our diversity and our ability be be active in different “activities” that assist in making us special people, tolerant and loving, and excited and very motivated. Motives of course can be argued and defined as needs, wants, drives or impulses within each of us. We work with so many interesting people, or we have friends that behave in a manner that you simply ask the question, “Why Behave In That Manner”? It is accepted that no two people are the same and therefore have their own level of understanding, maturity, experience, socio-economic level etc.

The search to the many answers to our human behaviour is endless, interesting and complex, as it is often ask as to what motivated a person to react in a certain way. Interesting when one have responses to various “BLOGS” by individuals, “Oh My” what a challenge and I get excited in our diversity as people of the “RAINBOW” nation.

It must be accepted by many of us that the search for answers to human behaviour is endless and complex as the key question to ask is often “what motivated a person to react in a certain way”. If weare so far from having the answers to so many thousands of questions and behaviour, how do one address some of these questions coming from your peers, colleagues, leaders etc. The beauty is that we are so dependant on one another that we are loving and tolerant in finding and sometimes accepting the views and challenges coming from the diverse workforce or environment in which we operate.

Our challenges “TODAY” particularly as Human Capital Development experts are to assist & support each other in our debate and discussions around skills training & development for one good reason i.e. “To grow with all the people who want to access the talents that you are so willing to assist and support them in acquiring”. WE are a wonderful society that must not give up the great challenge of getting involved in the skills training and development opportunities. No one is going to help you in getting part of all the wonderful training opportunities during these fun and exciting times. We need to be optimistic and confident as we are nevertheless dependent on one another for the ultimate success in developing and nurturing our people and colleagues through these challenging times. Ask the many questions that you may have regarding how to get started. I know that many of us think in the negative but assure themselves that they are correct. NOT SO! The majority is not always right and certainly “NOT NORMAL” as we will as of now build our trust and support in our CREATOR and in one another to be the “Champions of Change”. We are all willing partners in this challenging partnership and want to make a difference that we are already proud of the positive outcomes and results.

We are here for each other created in our diversity, tolerant and respect for each other and our behaviour show that of loving, caring, empathy, challenging, hopeful, holding hands, sharing, comforting, positive outlook, perseverence etc.


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