Trying to run a small training business, since the inception of the NQF has been difficult. In such a stressful market place created by the governments inability to strategise far enough ahead to create a stable platform on which we can perform, makes me often wish I had embarked on another career. The changing whims of the so-called experts in education and training make me wonder. It must be great to work for some quasi-government department with a mandate to change the goal posts every couple of years, to account for their salaries. The bureacracy and resulting time and effort required by us, the small training provider, for these new changes that will inevitably creep in, will once again stretch our resources to the limit. I don’t question their noble intentions but I wish they would appreciate, we are business people trying to run businesses that happen to be focussed on training. If you are a betting person, I’ll wager we will be going through this same bureacratic nightmare within the next couple of years. Re-reading this I sound like a sad person, please be reassured I’m not, I’m just fed up by this endless cycle!

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