Daily Archives: 2nd Jun 2010

Trying to run a small training business, since the inception of the NQF has been difficult. In such a stressful market place created by the governments inability to strategise far enough ahead to create a stable platform on which we can perform, makes me often wish I had embarked on […]

I have been considering the implications of the proposed changes and the “changing face” of the NSDS 3. Yes, there is a need to look at and review the intentions of the NSDS. Previously NSDS 1 & 2 appeared on face value to have merit but with hind sight I […]

Re considering the NSDS3

If you are yourself and you add some of the following ingredients, then you certainly are on the right path! a) Give attention to the amount of guidance and direction that you can give and influence others. b) You aresure to have inner socio-emotional ingredients in order to support others […]