How do CC’s Register as Providers with the Department 1

Please could someone advise the following.

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) is a Quality Assurance Partner of Fasset and is responsible for the accreditation of providers to offer qualifications on NQF levels 3 -6 that fall under our scope, mainly Bookkeeping, Accounting and Office Administration.

In our role of accrediting providers, we advise our providers that they need to be registered with the Department of Education, however, one of the requirements for registration with the Department is that providers need to be established in terms of the Companies Act.

However, we have providers who we have accredited to offer our qualifications who are either sole traders or Close Corporations and therefore CANNOT register with the Department based on the above criteria.

In addition, the new companies Act provides for certain form of companies to not require a statutory audit, but another regualtion for registration requires that a provider needs to submit audited financial statements.

Please could you advise on :

1. How do providers that are not companies but are either sole traders or close corporations register with the Department, and
2. What processes are in place to amend the regualtions to take cogniscance of the requirements of the new COmpanies Act with regards to the staturoty audit criteria, and
3. What processes and systems are being developed, if any, to register providers who are sole traders or Close Corporstions.

Many thanks

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One thought on “How do CC’s Register as Providers with the Department

  • Alan Hammond

    Hi Andrew, in the initial presentations by the Department of Education (as it was then) they explained that they had previously registered all higher education providers and had found it difficult for them to deal with different forms of business. So they made the decision that for the FET providers registration only companies could register, not CCs or sole traders. So the short answer is that there are no processes to allow sole traders or CCs to register. They have to convert to Companies before they can register.
    I would recommend speaking to Appetd about this as there may have been changes with the establishment of the new dept of Higher Ed and the QCTO. There haven’t been any formal announcements so we haven’t been able to report on anything on the Skills Portal, but Appetd might know about unofficial changes that are happening in practice.