The future of South Africa lies in our hands

Ever wondered how will you be remembered? You, the training and development practitioners of this pivotal time in our history?

I sometimes wonder how many of you realize the huge responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders. You may be a facilitator or material developer; the work of your hands is a brick in the future of our country, with your name on it.

You have the privilege of healing wounds of the past and present, mental and emotional. You have been given keys to unlock minds, resurrect dreams, to give direction to wandering minds, to direct potential, and to fan and nurture the flames of passions and visions.

The quality of effort we put into every training, material development, assessment and development opportunity, will determine the direction and future of our beautiful and great South Africa. The masterpieces of our minds, hearts will leave our hands, to one day stand in the galleries of the future. Needless to say they will be competing with the best in the world, question is will they measure up?

I say, let us be remembered as a generation of professionals who turned South Africa into a first world country.

Yours in turning South Africa into a first world country

Mpho Mpholo

Juggernaut Training and Development


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