NSDS3 – Hmmmmm

Having had a quick squiz through the proposed NSDS3 I see that once again Public institutions – colleges, tech, varsities etc – are being supported to improve. Now, while improvement is always great – I really hope that NSDS 3 puts in some clear parameters on what has to happen.

Whilst private providers generally have to be responsive to the world of work and its training needs or they don’t make a buck – i generally see the more entrenched public bodies just doing ‘more of the same’ – with very little real practical component which really talks to what a learner needs to know and do in the real world. (Having audited & moderated and also attended many of these institutions – i think i have enough experience of this to comment.) Public further generally seem more in touch – but i imagine this is mainly because most of their quals are more technical/practical by nature?

Maybe the new occupational qualifications will help guide these bodies and help them review their modus operandi? If they use them.

I am not the last word on the subject – just giving my viewpoint – but the 2 huge needs I see are in the masses of youth who didn’t quite make it as far as grade 12, and also the need for public higher to let go of what they think they know, and re-engage with real-world needs if the qualifications learners are going to achieve are really going to equip them for the world of work properly.

Just a thought.

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