Monthly Archives: May 2010

Please be kind enough to assist me in procuring learning materials for the following SAQA learning programmes. I will be very greatly ful if somebody out there is willing to assist me in finding the learning materials/modules for my learners: * Information Technology (SAQA 48573) * Business Management (SAQA 59201) […]

Urgently seeking learning materials

Hi everyone. I am looking for training material on electrical training. It must be aligned with: NQF 2 SAQA id 63789 NQF 3 Saqa id 63790 NQF 4 Saqa id 63889 We are really struggling to get accredited with eseta and or Chieta as we have to buy material at […]


I am looking for an instrument to assess the soft skills of potential learners to determine if they will be suitable for a career as a tourist guide, that complies with current legislation. We do conduct a gap analysis although it is mainly based on the knowledge requirements of the […]


Its my belief that its far wiser, (in this life) to be orientated around the SERVICE of others, or ones community, than to want others to serve you. Doing portraits for the wealthy allows me to a serve others,. I also do portraits of poor South Africans that get bought […]