AQ in education – meaningless words…

QA in education means also Quality Control in education. (ISO standards tell you this many times).

ANC government did away with inspectors because of the focus on the individual reposnsibilities and lack of competences that will be uncovered. there are reacial undertones here therefore avoid the issue.

Government and specifically the S.SETA did away and ignored professional bodies in the SETA processes, therefore doing away with those people and bodies that provides standards for bodies of knowledge. Without standards QA/QC is impossible.

So why are we upset and irritated? The education system is designed to fail. Now it failed, and everybody is cross with the SETA’s?

APMSA has a method to ensure quality in its courses.

1. Accredit learning materials to be complant with the standard against the knowledge baseline

2. Accredit the lecturer in terms of his ability to present the knowldge and his experiece.

This a SETA cannot do because of its political agenda and lack of competence in executing their prime mission.

Reg of weg; but not continueing forever – professional bodies can take the lead. Initiatives are on the way.

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