Declaration of the Mitchell’s Plain Education Summit

Declaration of the Mitchell’s Plain Education Summit, hosted by Minister Trevor Manuel MP and Marius Fransman MP, 24/4/2010

We , as the over 800 people who have met at Glendale Secondary School today, on this historic occasion of the Mitchells Plain Education Summit, have done so because we are all committed to making a difference in the lives of the people of Mitchell’s Plain. Our government has appealed to us all to make education and skills a societal issue and not simply the responsibility of our schools, colleges, universities and training institutions.

Starting with early childhood development and our 45 primary schools and 16 high schools, we are determined to focus on what happens in the classroom between learners and teachers.

We will work with the Education District and management of all of our schools so that our places of learning and teaching are well run, disciplined and are centres of excellence. Our principals must take the lead and take responsibility. We must support and help them. What happens in our homes and communities also affects learning and teaching. Thus, we will seek to support the SAPS, street committees and community police forums to ensure that learning happens in a safe and secure environment.

We support the “non-negotiables” and the ten point plan for education as spelt out by the President and the Minister of Basic Education. The social compact signed by our three teacher unions to support quality learning and teaching is fully supported by this summit. We will support our teachers to make sure that this compact becomes a lived reality.

We support the initiatives led and conducted by the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, MP on post school opportunities and will work to make this a reality for the community of Mitchells Plain.

Thousands of our youth have dropped out of school before reaching matric, others have reached matric but have been unable to secure jobs and gain access to further and higher education. We welcome the “Second Chance” initiative of Minister Manuel and Marius Fransman MP and commit to assist each and every learner who has signed up, to overcome the specific challenges that they still face.

We have noted the wonderful commitment and support of over 13 SETA’s present here today. They have collectively committed to provide 290 learnerships, 1190 skills opportunities, 245 bursaries and 80 workplace experiential placements for the youth of Mitchells Plain. A commitment has also been made to the retraining of 100 retrenched workers from Mitchell’s Plain. A total commitment of R20 million to the Mitchell’s Plain community has been made from the Merseta and the Construction SETA alone.

We also acknowledge all those individuals and organisations that have made commitments prior to this summit to improving education and the lives of our young people in Mitchell’s Plain and thank them for their invaluable contribution.

It is these commitments which turn despair into hope. You have brought new opportunities to our community. We thank you and will make sure that every opportunity offered is taken up. The summit supports the need to establish a database of unemployed youth in Mitchell’s Plain, setting up a bursary fund working with past pupils from which will supplement those currently available from NSFAS and other agencies.

We resolve to support the proposed World Cup 2010 School Soccer tournament for our High Schools.

We resolve to support the False Bay FET College initiative to establish a campus in Mitchells Plain.

We have participated in 5 commissions where we have made proposals which must now be acted upon. In this regard we have noted the resolutions for:

  • Early Childhood Development (ECD) and primary schools
  • High schools,Focus schools and schools of skills
  • Post school opportunities for our unemployed youth
  • Further and higher education as well as Seta opportunities
  • Reviving arts, culture and sport in schools and communities.

To ensure that all the resolutions are acted upon we have agreed to establish a steering committee convened by Marius Fransman MP and Minister Trevor Manuel, MP. This steering committee consists of people who either live or work in Mitchell’s Plain and we have urged them to take ownership of the way forward.

We henceforth conclude this Mitchells Plain Education Summit by pledging our collective wisdom, experience and resources in forging a new vision and future for education in this community. We are guided by the commitment to make education the number one priority that will enable the realisation of the dreams of our young people and a better quality of life for all. We declare our commitment to work together so that we may achieve more.


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