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QA in education means also Quality Control in education. (ISO standards tell you this many times). ANC government did away with inspectors because of the focus on the individual reposnsibilities and lack of competences that will be uncovered. there are reacial undertones here therefore avoid the issue. Government and specifically […]

AQ in education – meaningless words…

Hi Iona A reader asked me if it was OK for her employer to require its staff that smoked to smoke only in a designated area at the back of the building. Normally that’s not a problem, but is it fair in inclement weather where there’s no protection from the […]

Time to give up smoking?

DECLARATION This summit recognises this extraordinary opportunity for a re-examination of our understanding of the post-apartheid South African university 15 years after our democracy; embraces the opportunity to reposition this sector in a reconfigured post-school education and training system to pursue key national development goals; and we commit ourselves to […]

HE Stakeholder Summit: Declaration

“Only in South Africa” says Professor Michael Burawoy, congratulating the Minister of Higher Education and Training on an extremely brave initiative. To bring together the stakeholders of “the academy”: management and academics, students, unions, and support staff – anywhere else other than South Africa he says, would be a recipe […]

Only in South Africa

Good Day I am looking for a quotation for assistance with my SETA accreditation. I have approximately 70% of the work done – i have recently received notification of non-compiant and am now looking for an external professional to assist me with completing this task that has taken me years. […]


Hie all I am now registered to assess and moderate the full qualification National Certificate Occupationally Directed Education , Training and Development Practices. If you need a facilitator, assessor or moderator for the programme you can send an email to