I am gifted, and there has been no doubt about that. My life is unusual. When I was 12 yrs old, I became converted to Christianity and Gods Spirit became real to me. At the age of 21 my Grandad died and I inherited half of his oil-painting kit etc, and from that time I began to oil-paint and exibit my paintings. What was odd was that the painting and drawing skills required seemed to be instantly available to me. A God-like spirit apparently is behind the schenes of my life, helping me. I also have cultivated methods of hearing and reading into the intuitive thoughts of my unconscious mind, the minds of others, and from the Collective Unconscious. Recently Ive recieved a new, quick method of doing Psycho Analysis and/or Staff Profiling, by asking a volenteer just 2, easy to answer, questions, and then using a specified method of reading into their two 5-point answers. I recieved the idea during my dreamtime,. I then went on-line with that idea, and tested it by doing plus/minus 200 readings with strangers (for free) and by so doing, I was able to verify that what I had recieved actually did work. By joining this site, I am hoping to attract business people towards me who would like to market my original ideas, such as is outlined in this article, so that my products/ideas and resultant mind-tools, may effectively be absorbed into the material world. Please respond.

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