Don’t focus on personal negatives, it can hold you back in life. 3

Most people are negative and tend to focus on the negative aspects of their life. No one likes the negative aspects of their life and it is natural in one’s frustration to focus and bemoan these. But doing so will reinforce any negative picture you have of yourself. If you constantly focus on how bad your life is, all the things that are wrong with you, and what you don’t have, you eventually come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with you and that you probably don’t deserve any better.

Never focus on your:

Negative circumstances
Blemishes or disabilities
Character weaknesses
Past failures
Unmet needs

If you do focus on these, you will be negative about yourself and not be able to fulfil your purpose and accomplish great things with your life. These things do not change your value, purpose, identity, or future accomplishments at all.

Do this instead:

Consider them only briefly – as you seek solutions.
Be aware of them only – so that you know what to work on.
Analyse them – only so that you understand their possible cause and can make improvements.
Don’t dwell on them or remember them for remembrance sake.
You have better things to do with your valuable time.

You have a bright future and negative contemplation will not help you achieve anything.

Again it means making a conscious choice not to think about the negative.

You CAN do this!

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3 thoughts on “Don’t focus on personal negatives, it can hold you back in life.

  • Des Squire

    You are quite correct. One of the causes of course is that we are subject to the negative influences of other people – the SNIOPS. This started when we were children, right through our formative years, in college and university and later in the business world. It is ongoing and an integral part of oour daily lives. We need to accept this fact and to find ways of dealing with it. Your sugggestions will go a long way.