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My interest and studies in HIV Aids Counselling has led me to buy a book called The Wisdom of Whores by a British Epidemiologist called Elizabeth Pisani. Disregard the Wow! what an eye-opener. It highlights the fiddling of stats by UNAIDS to lead the world to believe that Africa is the biggest loser in this epidemic when in fact the whole world is equally as bad. America and Europe are adamant that they are more civilised, sensible and therefore “cleaner”. She exposes the UN for stoking the HIV mudslide by requesting ridiculous sums of money from governments in the name of “cleaning up” when in fact, they simply drain them of resources and pay their UN employees huge sums of money to live it up.
Pharmaceutical companies would rather sell drugs than condoms. It makes more money.
Read about the shocking expose of Indonesia, the largest Muslim population in the world and their sexual practices.
It is a rivetting read and not at all the suggestive, pulp fiction that the title suggests. It gives you the hard, cold facts and Elizabeth, a former journalist, takes a journey into the seediest parts of Indonesia to collect data for her assignments.

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