Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) launched 18

Mr Wilson Nzimande from the Coastal KZN FET College is the first Chairperson of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). The QCTO was launched by Minister of Higher Education and Training Dr Blade Nzimande

The acting Executive Officer of the QCTO will be Adrienne Bird, who is a former head of the skills development function at the Department of Labour. Other members of the QCTO are:

Sam Isaacs, Executive Officer of SAQA

Firoz Patel the Executive Officer of the NSA

Professor Rolf Stump, the Acting CEO of the CHE

Dr Mafu Rakometsi, the CEO of Umalusi

Bonny Marekwa from Popcru and Ecliff Tantsi from Num were nominated by Nedlac

Stella Carthy and Willie Matthiae were nomiated by Nedlac to represent Business

Thulane Mabuza and Francis Malesela Maleka were nominated by Nedlac to represent community organisations

Dr Bheki Mahlobo represents the interestes of public education and training providers

Dr Marina le Grange reprents private training providers

Representing the State will be Elizabeth Thobejane and Dr Julius Nyalunga

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18 thoughts on “Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) launched

  • Dr. Morne Mostert

    I particularly appreciate the presence of the CHE on the Coucil. There is great opportunity for business to play a more active, and incentivised, role in research, and I am sure (?) that higher education can see this opportunity.

  • Ian Webster

    Some thoughts: “Learning at and for work ” has been happenning for a long time.
    This will not, as I understand it, change that. It will simply give recognition to the learning that happens at work. The Minister explained to a radio journalist the other day that instead of just having your BA degree, your years on the job may qualify you for a PhD. That’s great, but it doesn’t add to the training I have received, just gives recognition.
    To encourage meaningful training and to solve the skills shortage (another thing the QCTO will not solve by itself, as some are suggesting) will require all of these bodies (including and especially the SETAs) to focus attention on the workplace and to help employers with their training. The major focus continues to be on getting numbers through leraning programmes, so attention is paid to training providers (who can produce the impressive numbers) instead of the workplace (where employment is provided). It’s one of the reasons why we have plenty of people trained but still out of work.
    But the QCTO is still an important body, and I wish it well in its work.

  • Nkosinathi Thango

    Is the Minster going to create a forum that will include training managers from private companies, FET colleges, private training providers so that government can have a right platform to dissermniates its priorities.

  • Catherine Martin

    Adrienne Bird and Wilson Nzimande are both dynamic people whose hearts are in the right place. I am ecstatic to see Adrienne in a position she deserves. The DoL compromised themselves and the SETAs by releasing her from her key position… for me, this move demonstrates that the DHET possesses savvy and intent, and knows how to select its people. Well done, Blade: good luck, QCTO! I look forward to the ride ahead.


    Respond to Nkosinathi
    We have to adopt a strategy of involving all the stakeholders in the planning,activation as well as implementation of programmes and all programmes should have a clear cut exit strategy on how we wish to absorb all learners into the system after training to avoid wasting a lot of monies in training people and soon thereafter they sit at home with all the qualifications.We also need to gauge the rewards on investments on training to curb wasteful expenditure on training.


    Congrats to the final appointed board,what lies ahead is the adoption of the constitution of the qcto and the implementation plan in alleviating skills shortage nationally especially with more emphasis on the development of artisans and apprentises to serve the country’s best interests.

  • Nkosinathi Thango

    How are we going to get the buy in from the business and government to ensure that all learners coming through the system are absorbed by the employers. We have wasted millions training people but they are not employeed as yet.

  • Phindile Nsibande

    Congratulations to the newly appointed team.The chairperson has got expertise to lead the team and we know that under his leadership the team will serve the country’s best intererests that of alleviating skills shortage.

  • Nkosinathi Thango

    Thanks that they have final appointed the board, the challenge now is to implement the ideas. The ideas are always good but difficult to imlement. In most cases the very same board members are the stubmling blocks because of conflict of interests.

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Kumaran
    In terms of s26G of the Skills Development Amendment Act 37 of 2008, the QCTO consists of members detailed in Schedule 3 “Composition and Constitution of QCTO”. The QCTO consists of 16 members as appointed by the Minister and there is no mention of Seta representation. Members are entitled to hold office for 5 years & may be reappointed, but may not serve more than 2 terms.
    They now need to establish their Constitution for approval by the Minister.
    However, in terms of s26I the QCTO may delegate functions to (amongst others) “a Seta”.

  • Alan Hammond Post author

    Hi Moira, Minister Nzimande did confirm at the launch that he wasn’t related to Mr Nzimande who will be heading the QCTO!, Regards Alan

  • Kumaran Gungarajoo

    This is a good team composition.

    Some are known and are very competent to see the task through.
    I do not see any SETA representation on this team, or am i missing something.

    Kind Regards
    Kumaran Gungarajoo

  • Rajan S. Narayan

    I think that a person of Mr. Wilson Nzimande’s calibre, expertise and experience will do a fantastic job as Chairperson of the QCTO. I know that the QCTO will grow in leaps and bounds under his leadership.

    kind regards,

    Rajan Suraj Narayan

  • Des Squire

    So far so good. This looks like a fairly competent group. Some are known to me others not but it looks good on paper. IT will be interresting now watching new developments and hopefully some new ideas and less red tape. I wish the board and the QCTO every success and trust they will alleviate the difficulties we as providers have ben experiencing.