I think that the Skills Levy should be re-directed to the FET Colleges. It has been proven that the SETA’s was a failed and futile exercise with Private Service Providers making a killing financially, without providing the necessary skills required.

This money should rather be used to have more FET Colleges and pay adequately qualified staff decent salaries with benefits. There is a dire shortage of FET Colleges in most areas. At the same time there are several schools in residential areas that do not have half the students to fill these schools. For the time being the classrooms at these schools should be used for Further Education and Training. The advantages of going this route are:

– large amounts of money do not have to be outlayed to build new FET Colleges;

– unused space in schools can be productively utilized;

– qualified staff can be recruited to provide good quality education and training;

– monies can be used to pay staff decent salaries with decent benefits;

– on-going training and development could be provided to staff to make them more effective and efficient

I think that FET is the way to go to address the skills shortage in our country.

Rajan Suraj Narayan (M.A. Tourism)

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