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Does anyone have a policy on Cell Phones &/or Cell Phone Camera Technology, with regards to Staff taking their cell phones into a factory or place of work & being able to use them to photograph information in the facility or office environment & relaying confidential & critical company information to competitors.

Of the companies we surveyed, no-one has a specific policy dealing with this matter. One company
thought it would be a good idea because their business is about design & innovation.

We know that the issue should be covered by confidentiality, copyright and intellectual property clauses that
people should have in their employment contracts but this is useful only for disciplinnary purposes once the event has happended.

Does anyone have any input ???


Trevor Gildenhuys
Talent Network
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4 thoughts on “Cell Phone Policy: Camera

  • Sandesh Singh

    Hi Trevor
    For most businesses this would be an incredibly difficult policy to enforce – i.e. banning of cellphones / cameras at the workplace. However, if your business is such that you have confidential or proprietary information / models / documents / etc lying around – then you would have reasonable justification to introduce and implement such a policy. Although I do not have such a policy on hand, I cannot imagine it being difficult to compile. Let me know if you require assistance in this respect. Cheers.

  • Des Squire

    Hi Trevor
    Any employer is entitled to have a cell phone and/or camera policy. What is important is that if a policy does not already exist the employer cannot just decide to introduce one as this may well be in breach of the terms of employment. The policy may be drawn up by a company to suit it’s specific requirements and should then be discussed with employees in order to get agreement. For new employees there would be no problem as it would form part of the employment contract.

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Trevor,
    We definitely had a cell phone policy of no phones in the factory, etc. at the company at which I was last – I suggest you contact the present HR Manager. Please contact me again if you don’t come up with anything.

  • Fiona Shraga

    In talking to someone in an environemnt of a high security environment this issue is a business rule, where in conditions of employment their contract states that cell phones and camera are banned. They may only use their phones at their tea/lunch breaks in a neutral area. However in their contracts they also are subject to professional mandatory lie detected tests. There are also surveillance cameras monitoring lockers and high sercurity areas. Having these boundaries in place has controlled the possible threats.