Many organisations send out mail that is complicated, unclear and difficult to read. This can have image and cost implications for these companies. a recent survey estimates that UK businesses lose 6 billion pounds a year through badley written business letters alone. and that’s just letters! What about all the other unprofessional business documents that refect badly on a company’s image?

A Professional Business Writing Programme gives insight into the complex and often confusing task of compiling business e-mails, letters, reports and proposals.

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  • Karen Hardman Post author

    I think the trick is to teach young people that just like you wouldn’t wear jeans and takkies to a board meeting, there are times when proper language is required.

  • Nolundi Ngxekana

    We have a serious problem with poor writing as young people are so used to writing short text. I sometimes battle to read what’s been written. Imagine trying to mark an assignment that is written in short text; that’s what we have to deal with sometimes in Higher Education institutions. Looks like we may have to come up with new rules for writing; taking into consideration the use of sms, mxit and everything else young people use!

  • Karen Hardman Post author

    Graduates probably still don’t take Communications Studies seriously as they don’t realise yet that poor communication negatively affects the personal brand they should be creating in the workplace (especially those on graduate programmes). Over and above Business Communication we have designed Technical Report Writing programmes as technical managers don’t seem to be able to put technical information in writing.

  • Karen Hardman Post author

    Hi Jim, Thank you for your comment. It would include the use of capitals and full stops, as they indicate the end of one sentence and the beginning of another. Grammar remains important as it can change the tone of communication and affect what is communicated. We frequently find that professionals with degrees have not been taught how to compile professional reports or written communication.