Zuma’s speech on Education and service delivery


Zuma talks about teachers being on duty 7 hours a day. He must ensure that inspectors go to the schools in rural areas as well as the Black Colleges. This is where one would find practically no teaching taking place. There are teachers who come to work at 09h00 and leave at 11h00. There are also teachers that do not come to school for days on end and of course teachers that sit in the staff room all day. I am not a racist but these culprits are mostly black educators. These are the one’s that need to be investigated.

Another problem is management. People are given preference and appointed to management positions because of thier colour and not their qualifications and experience. As a result they do not know how to plan and manage. This is why there is chaos at these said institutions. The ‘right person for the job’ should be appointed irrespective of his/her colour.

Service Delivery

If Zuma scraps the Affirmative Action Policy and the right people are appointed, irrespective of colour, then and then only would service delivery be effective. There are thousands of skilled people (Whites, Coloureds, Indians) who are sidelined because of their colour.

The Affirmative Action Policy is supposed to be a temporary measure to right the wrongs of the past. That is, it is supposed to give the disadvantaged people of South Africa an equal opportunity of competing for positions. Although there has been talk of a sunset clause no date has been set for removing this policy. It has been in place now for over 10 years.

As long as the Affirmative Action Policy is in effect there would be poor service delivery throughout the country.

It is time for the ANC to focus their attention on this grave issue if they genuinely want to improve service delivery.

Rajan S. Narayan

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