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In his second State of the Nation address in parliament President Jacob Zuma has said that his government has, “placed education and skills development at the centre of this government’s policies”. However his speech failed to provide much detail on the plans, or many new initiatives.

There was some new information on schooling changes such as providing detailed daily lesson plans for teachers. But the schooling plans revolve around a simple change of mindset – “We want learners and teachers to be in school, in class, on time, learning and teaching for seven hours a day”.

This will undoubtedly bring results but, simple as it seems, will the Zuma government be able to bring about this change in ethos at the majority of South African schools. The day after Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe made a speech calling on all politicians to stay out of school during teaching hours, Julius Malema interrupted schooling in Gauteng schools to hold a political rally.

If the Zuma administration can’t even get other leaders in the ANC to support its goals, how can we believe that they can get the educators and unions to support their goals?

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5 thoughts on “Zuma focuses on education and skills development

  • Jasper Coetzee

    I repeat (pressed ‘add’ too fast) that this is such a sad affair! I personally support many of the things that president Zuma says – it is just that he says so many things, of which so few (read virtually nothing) gets done. Our ruling party is one that is excellent at rhetoric, but very bad in execution. I so wish it was different, as we need the people of our beloved country all to be able to contribute to our well being and that of our country. One however gets the idea that the ideology of populating posts with ANC faces is seen to deliver the goods, rather than really doing what is necessary to ensure that those faces are able to perform the duties required by those posts.

  • Asanda Magwede

    Promises….Promises…whats new from the government.
    I didnt even bother to watch the whole speech. All I want to see, is them fullfilling their promises to the nation. I doubt ordinary South Africans are going to be taking these promises lightly this time around. We have seen the amount of violence happening in other provinces due to poor service delivery.

    I guess we are back to the waiting and observing game again. You can say that again Des. An empire consumed by greed and hunger for power. How did South African leaders become so predictable *wondering*

  • Des Squire

    The state of the nation address as delivered by President Zuma gave a very good overview of the exact state of the nation – pityfull – lacking in body, lacking in confidence and “same old – same old” story.
    We have heard it all before and once and for all it is time the government stood by, implemented and strictly enforced it’s own policies and procedures.
    President Zuma once again referred to accountability – “What will be done, how it will be done and by when it wil b done”. Unfortunately this is not what he told the nation himself. He spoke a great deal about what will be done, – by the way the ANC have been saying the same thing for a long time (Yawn) but we have seen very little result. It’s time for delivery and unless this delivery happens very quickly I fear we are on a path to destruction.
    Our friend Julius has succeeded in dividing the country and there will be “hell to pay” if results are not forthcoming. Unfortunately the majority of people are not prepared to show the government it is not performing, that their policies and promises are not working, that we are not making any meaningful progress – by voting the ANC out of power.
    20 years ago, a born leader (Madiba) took this country into a new era and a new dimension only to have what he built destroyed by greed and incompetence. There was nothing in the state of the nation address to instill confidence.

  • Wessel PIETERS

    I listened to the President of SA.
    He is a man without a vision that survives on Anti-apartheid and the Mandela legacy. He belongs to an alliance that just do not belong to this century. He is caught-up in so many cultural and personal inconsistencies that he got lost in the papers he read from. He is on the way to nowhere and then any road takes you there. it was not even entertaining. Maybe he should have danced and sung.
    Would anybody go and listen to him and find inspiration?