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I am an HRM for a small IT company. There is no one in my company who can guide or who I can learn from where HR practices are concerned. I find that it is hard to keep up with the latest HR info and also grow my HR skills. So now i find myself in a situation where my career and skills are stagnating. Does anyone have some advice for me on how I can overcome this?

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11 thoughts on “Keeping up with the latest HR info

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Adelah
    You could also consider registering with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) – they are the recognised professional body for registration of HR practitioners. They are also the ETQA for HR courses and recognised as the professional body for HR. They do the quality assurance on HR qualifications for the HEQC and are also participating in the QCTO qualification development process for SDFs. There are various levels of membership from junior students to Master HR practitioners and you can join at the level relevant to your qualifications and experience. Through experience, and using the Mentors, and the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme you can advance your level of registration as your career develops. Have a look at

  • Tricia Jones

    Hi Adelah,

    Well you’ve certainly come to the right place then! I’ve found this site and the people who subscribe to it, to be incredibly resourceful. My advice is when in doubt… ask! There is so much information out there and if you look hard enough you’ll find more than you’ll know what to do with! Nothing compares however to peoples knowledge gained through experience. Find people who’s wealth of knowledge and experience impresses you and don’t be afraid to ask them to share it with you. Maybe look into finding a mentor…

    If you want to chat about your challenges in more detail and explore some practical solutions then please don’t hesitate to give me a shout. I’m only an e-mail away and I’d be more than happy to assist you where possible or if necessary point you in the right direction.

    Kind Regards,

    “The Capacity Builder”

  • Julia Macaskill

    Hi Adelah,

    I am in a similar position to yourself, except in the construction industry, so I subscribe to the magazine HR Future, which is affordable and keeps you abreast of changes. With regards to training, I subscribe to the CETA, maybe your SETA offers the same service and it is free of charge, and I have an excellent consultant, who does not charge a monthly amount or per call, only when he is actively involved in an issue does he charge me an hourly rate, his name is Jacques du Preez and you can get hold of him on 0828806360. Others already mentioned is SA Labour News and to regularly check the Department of Labour websites.

    Wishing you all the best

  • Rekha Essak

    Hi Adelah
    I’m Rekha Essak from Bruniquel & Associates. We have a lovely publication called ‘Employee Relations for Small Business’. This is a DIY HR Department at your fingertip. The ER for Small Business guide is designed in loose-leaf format so that it can be updated in line with on-going research and changes in labour legislation. The publication comes with a CD containing a comprehensive set of HR Policies, Procedures and supporting documentation designed to help the small business person to foster effective employee relations. Intended for use as a reference tool, the manual gives practical step by step guidelines on how to deal with employee related problems.
    For more info, you can contact me on 031 309 4627 or 073 417 9822. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Buzz Friday


    We have launched a HRM Services Solution called PeoplePlus – it’s aimed at assisting SME’s and the people with the HR responsibility in those organisations (up to 200 ees) will all HR challenges. It’s affordable and available as a hosted solution and more importantly the subscription is offerd on a ‘pay as you grow’ basis. Best view our website at – Benefits included – Single or Multi-user system, leave management, Employment equity reports, Performance Appraisals, leave management etc. This service offering is based on research into the SA SME market and as a result of the challenges facing SME’s like your. regards Buzz

  • Bronwyn Ann Hadfield

    Hi Adelah, I worked for a small IT Company in Durban for 2.5 years and still provide them with advice today. I suggest you be as proactive as possible… don’t wait for work to come to you. Look ahead to the future of the Company and start planning and putting templates in place etc Encourage your Company to join a Chamber e.g Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry where you can attend short day courses on relevant HR issues and mingle with people in the same position as you. Make yourself an integral part of management, attend meetings and ensure you have useful and supported points and arguments to make. Enjoy the fact that you are able to setup HR systems and department to how you see fit… you can gain so much from that in itsself.

  • Virginia Gomotsegang Monga

    Hi, there are various ways you can take to find your ground; (1) try to check Knowledge Resources-they offer very good conferences on HR related issues, you can ask for their prospectus for 2010, (2) if your company is willing to pay-IPM Convention is also a good platform where all HR issues are deliberated around- google them, (3) I would also advice you to register with the board of Personnel-SABPP, depending on your level of experience but you will see the guidelines thereof on the application forms-often if there are any relevant Conferences if you are registerred with them, they keep their members posted, (4) Lastly, try to expand your knowledge as possible as you can-advance your studies-think of any recognisable programmes in HR and try and identify a Mentor in HR: Destiny Magazine has a programme of mentorship on their website.

    Thank you. V


    I would also suggest that you subscribe to Labour Guide’s website as they are aways providing email updates on best practices, case law etc.

    Another institution that I can highly recommend when it comes to traing is IIR. Please go thriugh their website and check their offerings

    Hope this helps