Education and training partnership, Climate-Change and Carbon Management, led by MANCOSA (Southern Africa)and HRCarbon (North America).

HRCarbon, a leading North American Corporate Carbon Management and Sustainability consulting firm announced the launch of a series of professional courses in Corporate Sustainability.

The courses will be launched in South Africa in partnership with the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA). The course series will offer participants specialized knowledge in establishing and implementing Corporate Carbon Management in a low-carbon economy.

For Corporate leaders, this is an opportunity to understand, manage and embark on deploying strategic mitigation, efficiency and sustainability reporting initiatives. According to Professor Rasool, “Both leading local and multinational corporations are taking decisive steps to meet their environmental obligations. They do this in the knowledge that Climate Change management is a ‘key driver’ of business Sustainability.”
The education and training of professionals from all industries is key to integrating sustainability in organizations. Mrinalini Bagal, Manager at HRCarbon stated, “One of the most important Climate Change challenges is that of capacity building. Educating management leaders in all organizations to effectively engage in Corporate Sustainability and Carbon Management initiatives is an imperative that needs to be immediately addressed in all countries.” Ashwell Glasson, Green Economy Programme Manager at MANCOSA added, “Modern enterprises and society at large are increasingly turning towards building direct capacity in applied green skills. We are on the cusp of the arrival of a much-needed management discipline and cross-cutting set of learning needs – the dawn of the green workplace.”

HRCarbon’s Climate Change and Corporate Sustainability courses will be open to: private and public corporations; for-profit and not-for-profit institutions; and local and regional government organizations.
The courses offered are:
• Climate Change Management

• Corporate Carbon Management

• Corporate Sustainability

• Carbon Markets

MANCOSA and HRCarbon will deliver the inception course in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town from April 22, 2010.

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