Boredom in the workplace 9

What does one do when the job you’ve dreamt about turns into a nightmare. An empty office, no basic communication tools, no resources to enable you to achieve the set objectives. No support from immediate supervisor even after numerous reports. It is so frustrating to the point where one is dragging feet just going to work, well what work?

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9 thoughts on “Boredom in the workplace

  • Mxolisi Tyobeka Post author

    Wow! You guys are amazing! It’s like some of you have been looking right into my soul and could see all my thoughts and my despair. Thank you for your advices and for sharing your experiences with me. This is a lesson to all of us that ‘the grass is not always greener on the other side’. Think twice before you jump ship to a job that might seem attractive. I am definitely doing something about my situation. I have just completed a Post Graduate Diploma in HRM and intending to enrol for Project Mnanagement. This I do in order to make myself more marketable. You guys have inspired me and made my day brighter. Thank you!

  • Chris Reay

    My advice is identify another parallel interest that you can effectively take on part-time; find an activity that you can manage and then move into that. I have witnessd many people in the same predicament start an after hours business such as multi-level marketing with the strong, growing organisations that support you as you develop into them. They have an annuity stream type income and if you follow the processes that are well developed, you can get wealthy. The fixed “job” is dying. Corporate structures are only as good as the level of good management and skills. However while in your present role, try taking some serious initiative with any challenge you can identify.

  • Anil Salick

    @Christine. It is incredible how experts/ specialists and all concerned are forthcoming with advice with others challenges.
    @Mxolisi. You’re a courageous girl for sharing with us. Thank you!

  • Yoemna Ely

    Well you tried, gave it a shot and there is only so much you can do before the boredom consumes you and who knows what that can lead to.
    You need to find new vision and drive- and only you can make the change!! Do something about it and whatever you decide be happy with the decision.
    good luck

  • Anil Salick

    Employees respond to job dissatisfaction in one of 4 ways:
    1. Exit the company
    2. Be Loyal
    3. Neglect the situation
    4. Voice concerns/ solution

    Rather than advocate specific solution, consider your situation and circumstance… BUT make decisions. You’ll feel much better.

    “67% of employed people are in jobs in which that are not happy” – Peter Drucker, the great management guru.
    “People don’t quit companies, people quit management”

  • Ashleigh Alistoun

    Hi Mxolisi. I was in the same situation a few years ago. I was working for a large company and getting a great salary at the same time. In the beginning I didn’t mind and occupied myself. But after a few months I started feeling down and hated go in everyday. I think a major contributor was I didn’t like the people I worked with either. How did I get through it – well I found another job and loved it there. I took a huge drop in salary but believe it was the best thing I have ever done. We spend most of life working so make sure you enjoy yourself. A prisoner gets a 20 year sentence, but if you stick in a job you hate that sentence could be longer. My advice is start looking around and make a move. You over it to yourself.

  • Deliah Linsay Adams

    Enjoy the silence. That’s what you do.
    I was in a similar position once where my repeated efforts to get things done were stymied by people who were more concerned about their own politics. What did I do? Internet research, that’s what. I became a very, very busy woman and no-one bothered me. No-one cared that I was there or what I was up to. I was like an invisible person with a regular salary. Eventually I had so much information, I started my own Business from my desk and when I had my web site set up and paid for, email addresses, registration etc, I left. I even managed to write a book and post it on-line. I was blogging, making friends overseas and contacting publishers. When they did get back to me to enquire about why something wasn’t done, I’d remind them of their games and the fact that they were’n’t forthcoming with assistance.
    You may think that I was acting irresponsibly, but the opportunity presented itself and I took advantage of it. In any case, firstly, I hate doing nothing and secondly, they were more concerned about catching those who were perpetrating bigger crimes.
    That experience has taught me never to be concerned about another person’s agenda. Just do what you can when you can. When there’s so much crap going on around you, cocoon yourself in what you enjoy.

  • Mosadiwapula Michelle Charlie

    Well Mxolisi i understand where you are coming from. Worse, when you are a professional with qualifications and you are not utelising your skills and knowledge and you end up being a Training Administrator instead of Human Resource Development Specialist.

    I think that companies just love the idea of having a black female professional to boost their number crunching system rather than making a difference in the company.

  • Esta Calitz

    I think you should make the decisions yourself. Tell the supervisor this is what you intend to do and when and how you will do it and if he or she does not get back to you, just start implementing. This might be the best opportunity ever. If not possible, find a new job. Use the time you have to search for other opportunities. Good luck.