An Irish Blessing 3

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be ever at your back. May the rain fall light upon your fields and the sun shine warm upon your face. Till we meet again may the Lord hold you safe in the palm of His hand.

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3 thoughts on “An Irish Blessing

  • Des Squire Post author

    The blessing is one I will always cherish and is from the heart to all who wish to receiv it. The one thing I can say about the Irish is “God gave us the gift of the gab” Blame him.
    As for Liverpool, I had some time there I would rather forget.

    Jim pick a decent team at least – United are the kings. As for jokes, the only decent ones are Irish and the great thing is we all laugh at ourselves . Have a great day.

  • Walter Donaldson

    Liverpool was always regarded as the capital of Ireland due to all the Irish construction workers moving over to the mainland to secure work. Many of them settled there as Liverpool was basically their first port of call and easy access back and forth.

  • Alan Hammond

    Thank you for that blessing Des. I remember that from my youth. We weren’t in Ireland, but in Liverpool, which was kind of a transit hub for Irish people as they travel around the world. Well it was then. I guess these days they fly everywhere via RyanAir!! Have a great day. Alan