WCS Ticket Fiasco 1

FIFA world cup offers 2 ticket products. Match tickets to watch individual matches (4 per match for up to 7 matches) and Team specific Ticket Series TST’s ( 3 to 7 matches to a max of 4 TST)
During the 2nd round applications I booked for 2 matches in Durban and 3 matches TST following Holland. I got one sms to tell me my ticket application was unsuccessful. I queried this week which ticket application was unsuccesful and I was told both much to my surprise. 2 applications warrents 2 sms I told them.

It is unlawfull to book both TST and individual matches. Although it does not state this in the book at all. I was told that you are given the choice because you have to only apply for one option. My first application went through. My second application was unulled immediately but this message did not get relayed to the FNB consultant who took my money and issued me the FIFA card. Subsequently it was only my first application that was unsuccessfull. I was notified by SMS and if I had not queried my application I would never have known that is was unlawfull to apply for the 2 ticket options. So as a South AFrican you cannot apply to watch 3 Bafana Matches TST and watch an individual game in Durban untill the lottery phases are over!!!

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