The Thusanani Post-Matric Work Readiness Programme

Young people enter the world of work for the first time and are faced with many challenges i.e. the transition from student to employee, adjusting to their new work environment and navigating the many global career challenges of the 21st century. Therefore Stanley Hutcheson and Associates (SHA) have developed the Thusanani Post-Matric Work Readiness Programme (WRP).

Based on our successful implementation of the Thusanani Work Readiness Programme, for the past 5 years, SHA has customised the current programme to be offered for post-matriculants as a response to high youth unemployment rates. By offering 12 weeks of work readiness training, training towards a registered qualification and workplace experience (i.e. a learnership) ultimately resulting in employment for young people, SHA hopes in some way to contribute to alleviating the stressors of finding employment.

Thusanani has been funded by Fasset (the SETA for finance, accounting and other financial services) and Bankseta (the Banking sector education and training authority) and has a highly successful track record during the past 5 years of implementation.

Thusanani has become one of the programmes of choice for employers when recruiting unemployed learners. The Thusanani programme is distinguished from all other learner development programmes in that it is the only programme to offer the work readiness / bridging / learner development training through a public / private partnership comprising tertiary institutions and business. Because of this unique delivery model, there is a higher value perception of the Thusanani Work Readiness Programme by both business and the learners wishing to participate. SHA have worked over the past 5 years to make this perceived value a real value and this is attested to by the placement rate of around 90%.

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The Thusanani Post-Matric Work Readiness Programme

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