HR Reporting Protocols 2

I need to do a presentation on HR reporting protocols. I’m not sure how to approach this topic. Can someone assist please

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2 thoughts on “HR Reporting Protocols

  • Prudence Thabethe Post author

    Hi Dorothy,

    Thanks for your offer to assist however. I have already done a presentation as it was due a couple of weeks ago. In terms of working for a Faith based organisaton I think you are confusing me with
    Olga Mokgadi Milanzi

  • Dorothy Vieira

    Hi Prudence, what exactly do you need to cover in your presentation? If you let me have some more info, I am sure I can assist you. When do you need to do the presentation and to whom are you doing it? I saw somewhere that you are working in a faith based organisation. I am currently doing work for a Pastor who has launched his teaching ministry, so I understand the challenge you have. Let me know if I can help you and I’ll do so with pleasure. My tel number is 083 470 2142 if you’d like to call me and have a chat. Bye for now