Are you taking on too much?

Some people take on too much. They want to please others, or help and be involved, so they are always willing to take on more responsibilities than they can comfortably cope with.
In the office, we are sometimes pressurized to take on added responsibilities. With our current workload we then find it impossible to complete everything and become stressed as a result.
In business, we don’t want to lose a sale so we take on too much work or make promises we cannot deliver on.

What have you taken on that has caused unnecessary stress lately?

One Solution

Say “No”.
Many people have never learned to say “No”. We’re afraid of losing friends, popularity, the promotion or the business. So we take on too much and consequently do nothing properly or timeously. And we have more stress. We all need to learn to say “N0”
At work you will need to explain that taking on work that is not your responsibility will cause your other work to suffer.

We need to be honest with people. Also consider, that when we take on additional tasks, others will suffer, because we have too much pressure and cannot cope. Some people may think you are weak because you cannot cope with the work, but you need to protect yourself. Your health and family will suffer if you take on too much.

In business, both you AND your clients will be better off if you don’t take on jobs that you are unable to complete in the required time. Few clients who appreciate the quality of your work, are going to go elsewhere when you explain to them that your schedule, much as you’d want to accommodate them, does not function in accepting rush jobs. 95% of the time, the client will take a step back, rethink his request, and appreciate your point.
At the end of the day, everyone wins.

Your sanity and health are worth it.

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