Co-Creative 2010 2

From Jim Collins’ book, Good To Great, comes this fantastic quote by Walter Bruckart:
The top 5 factors that led his company from from mediocrity to excellence:
“One would be people, two would be people, three would be people, four would be people, and five would be ……………………….. people.” !

And Gary Hamel says, “you can’t build a company that is fit for the future unless it is fit for human beings”.
And then my favourite, from Margaret Wheatley:
“People support what they create and resist that which they are excluded from”.

With these wonderful thoughts in mind, good luck for 2010 people! Let’s make our organisations fit for human beings, and get our people involved in co-creating successful organisations.

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2 thoughts on “Co-Creative 2010

  • Nicci Attfield

    Tim Brown (TED TALKS explains a lovely method of using biomimicry to include all people within a work environment as a form of ideas sharing. His view is that all of us have something to offer and bring new insights, and it is only through empathy and creativity that we are truly able to see what is needed and create new solutions. Playfulness, safe spaces to share and the ability to dance together through intuition bring about new worlds…what a pleasure.

  • Des Squire

    People are what populate the world. Without people the human race would not exist. Without people all infrastructure would break down. Without people Governments would fail. Without people business would not exist or make profits. what amazes me is the attitudes we adopt towards other people and in particular our employees. Managers need to realise it is people who keep them in their positions and it is the innovation of people that bring about the changes necessary to sustain companies into the future. We need to change our attitudes towards people and endeavour to cultivate innovation and allow it to flow.