My first blog post – exploring new opportunities 2

The year 2010 has arrived just like any other year has; quietly creeping up on me. Well, I have accepted that, as in the past, that time does not stand still and indeed waits for no man nor woman. Therefore, I will once again take it in my stride and do what I can on a daily basis to “make the most of it”. This does not mean that I settle for things nor wait for them to come my way, but that I am pro-active and seeking opportunities constantly. Which brings me to m y point – I am a registered Assessor with the Services SETA at NQF3 & NQF4 for Business Administration courses as well as a registered Assessor with the MAPPP-SETA for the NQF4 Arts and Culture Administration qualification. I have a partner that can assess with the ISETT SETA on the following qualifications – NQF3, qualification 61591 and NQF4, qualification 24294. We are available to freelance, but prefer working mostly in the Western Cape region. I trust that you will have an enjoyable and productive 2010, as I hope for myself. Happy New Year! I am excited about the prospects that this year holds.

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