By moegsienharris1, 7 July, 2010

It is a reality that South Africa as a NATION has shown the WORLD that it is fast approaching to be the best developing economic opportunity, THANKS TO OUR HOSPITALITY AND ITS LOVING AND CARING PEOPLE !

Die tyd om nou te wys waarvan ons gemaak is het nou aangebreek ! We all as entrepreneurs and business people must ensure that we do not allow the opportunities to pass us by ...... Put your " foot in the door " and ensure that you see at least one potential partner, investor, challenge or opportunity that will make it happen for you. Do basic research and match that what you are best in doing, and strongly believe that you are A HIGH ACHIEVER. I strongly believe that you have the "METAL" as an ACHIEVER.. No opportunity is going to wait for you, so go and get it. There is not a single individual on this earth that are not talented and I am as excited as what you are in making it happen for you, your family and your community. Succeed in the challenges and opportunities that are waiting anxiously for you and your family.

Economic and business challenges and opportunities must be matched by skilled and competent people and it is for this very reason that greater challenges and opportunities are facing the trainers, training and developing providers in getting the challenges and opportunities that are there already, and get on with the "JOB" of developing the people and the skills and competencies that are so desperately and urgently required for commerce & industry to succeed. We must stop looking at the side issues and engage with the industry, the stakeholders and market and sell your great products in the sector of training and development. Your expertise and your skills as trainers and developers have now become the NUMBER 1 business on the AFRICAN CONTINENT ! One GOAL in educating all the children of AFRICA. The African politicians and certainly the South African Government are committed in training & developing the nation and spread its wings through the Continent of Africa.

Why wait for someone to start the "BALL" rolling ! Governments can and will never make it happen as it certainly is not their funcion. You are that motivated expert in training & developing the NATION and everyone depend on you to make the first move. ARISE to the CHALLENGES and OPPORTUNITIES and share in this debate and discussion. Remember that sharing with your colleagues is the best way in motivating others and making sure that others can follow your leadership. Approach the many challenges and opportunities that are there for the taking in a positive and caring manner and ensure that you create awell oiled sustainable economy with the skilled and competent people that you havesupported and developed in that process.

WORLD CUP 2010 has really assisted all of us to "WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE" and I have all the confidence in all of you to make it happen for the sake of the SKILLS UNIVERSE and its PEOPLE.

Best wishes and regards.



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