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I have several positions available at the Open Learning Group that include 5 X Call Centre Agents; 3 X Data Capturers; 1 X Logistics Officer and they need to be filled ASAP. Please email me your details if you would like to apply: and please do say that you […]

Vacancies for 2010

Date: Tuesday, 17 November 2009 Time: 15:00 – 19:00 Venue: Milpark Business School, Corner Main Road East and Landau Terrace, Melville Extension 2 The focus will be on: Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) and NEW! Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Information available on ALL qualifications and programmes offered. […]


Sex is “The character or condition of being male or female” All creatures in the animal world have a sexual character. There are male, female or hermaphrodite sexes. Male is the sex of a man, female is that of a woman, and hermaphrodite refers to those with a combination of […]


I recently read a book by Colin Wilson in which he raises the interesting fact of a Dominant Minority: these belong to a group representing 5% of the population, the creative thinkers who challenge systems. Probably made up of self-actualisers. Apparently, this statistic was proved during the Korean War, when […]

Dominant Minority = 5%

Young Minds Peer Group(YMPG), Its an oganisation that is started by the youth of hillbrow based in johannesburg.So we looking for any company that is intrested in funding the youth oganisation.for more info you can call me on 0786785028 or email