Ill Health/Injury: Have you been getting it all wrong?

After almost 10 years in labour law consulting, I have assisted many clients with matters relating to ill health or injury and possible resultant incapacity. Yesterday, I met with an individual (I don’t usually do individual work and prefer to work with organisations) who had been referred by a friend. She works for a very well-known and well-established organisation in the financial and insurance sector. After reviewing the merits of her matter, I was amazed to see how easy it seems to still be to get the process wrong.
It occurred to me that many companies may still be falling into similar traps, so I have written the attached article and added the top 5 tips to getting it right.
For assistance in adapting your policies, procedures or practices, please contact me.
To learn more about how to manage possible incapacity due to ill health/injury, attend one of our intensive training programmes (7-9 December in Randburg will be our last one for the year).

IHI Have you been getting it all wrong.pdf

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