Being heard and understood is not a question of identity but credibility… 2

It seems that while everyone agrees that the quality of a speaker / presenter’s voice and speech has a huge impact on whether or not they will listen or continue to listen, as well as the impression they will form about the speaker / presenter, most people do not realise that there is training available to help them improve their speech – we are not talking about speech therapy. Rather, projection, pronunciation, articulation, basic English grammar, etc.

Especially in South Africa, a country rich with diversity, the quality of a person’s speech has a huge impact on their credibility and image. It is not a question of denying someone their identity, culture or roots. It is about building reputation and creating a professional image – one that says “I know what I am talking about.” As a result, your audience will want to listen to you, continue listening to you, and ultimately, believe and accept what you are saying. That is, when we are able to clearly articulate, pronounce and project, etc., we create the impression that we have the required knowledge, ability, and competence, which in turn, inspires confidence and trust.

A good example of the effect of the quality of one’s speech is the irritation and frustration often experienced when dealing with Call Centre staff who lack the ability to communicate effectively in English. This is either because it is not their first language or, as most of them come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, they have not been privileged to attend debating societies or receive elocution lessons.

Media Voice Communication Services is passionate about empowering people to effectively achieve the objectives of their message/-s by enhancing the quality of their voice. Whether or not you are an individual or company seeking to develop the skills of your employees or credibility of your management team, we would love to work with you. It is amazing to see how perceptions are changed when people are able to clearly hear and understand what you are saying.

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2 thoughts on “Being heard and understood is not a question of identity but credibility…

  • Cornelius Msizi Gumede

    Interesting stuff, where do you roll out your trainings, I would consider attending one if time allows me, I believe in the power of being accurate and confidence deriving from that stance. I would love to learn and develop further since I am also coming from former disadvantaged schooling system, but have worked hard to be where I am today. I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet, but one thing I do, forgetting what lies behind (my past), I press on (Philippians 3:13). I am also concerned about many facilitators, trainers, teachers, leaders etc, who are disregarding this technology that Paul was implementing as a growth mechanism in his personal life. Sometimes it is not what you say that is important, but how you say it. I would really like to hear more from you regarding what you offering to the nation more in particular to people like me who are hungry for development so that I can also develop others.