Seta Frustrations 2

Hi All

I have experienced so much frustration with the Setas in the past couple of months and was wondering how everyone else is experiencing their dealings with Setas. I would like to invite you to share your views and frustrations with your relevant Seta’s with me. Maybe we could find some golden pathway in sharing our frustrations!

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2 thoughts on “Seta Frustrations

  • Natasha Mostert

    More than youcan imagine. Promises, promises and promises, but no action. People who should never be in education are receiving accreditation and funding. WHY?? Is it because they have people who can pull strings for them or because the have the money to pay bribes. This whole process is costing such a fortune that the small, trully devoted training providers usually owned by qualified educators and not business men who see education as a money making machine, can not get them selves accredited. If we allow people who’s main aim is making money to run and own educational institutions educational level at tertiary level will never improve, because qualifications are given away, why on earth would you fail learners, if you know it will mean less students and therfore less money in your pocket. The education system at tertiary levelis a laugh. I deal with learners who have passed subjects on third year level at reputable tertiary institutions that can hardly read a word of English. I don’t know if I am just uninformed, but I don’t seem to find any tertiary educational books in any other language than English and maybe afrikaans. So how did they pass?????

  • Glyn Giani

    Hi Elsabe

    “Frustrations” is an understatement. I deal (or try to deal) with the CTFL seta in the footwear sector. Believe me….. in footwear absolutely nothing fundamental has happened over the last ten years. The core skills needed to grow this this sector, namely design and technology has not been addressed at all. I am currently running a Diploma in footwear design and technology which they are unable to certify. So my big question is. What have they been doing with R 60 million a year over the last ten years? It does not take money to draw up a qualifications framework, only hard work. When I offered to do it for them, they expected me to pay my own way to do their job for them. Unbelievable!!!