Social Media – Prove you are not boring

By Charlotte Kemp

Now I know this is not everyone’s idea of ‘proper’ church, but we thought it was awesome. On Sunday, our minister baked a chocolate cake – from raw ingredients, into the microwave, left to stand and then ready to eat – by the end of his sermon. He didn’t miss a beat, the illustration was perfectly in line with the topic and he had the audience’s enthralled attention for the whole time. And I guarantee we will all remember the point of the sermon for weeks to come.

Point #1
Church does not need to be boring. Neither does Toastmasters, nor Rotary, nor other non profits or charity work or other organizations that are so often begging, pleading and guilt-tripping people into ‘volunteering’. There are ways to make these activities relevant, engaging and meaningful and it only takes imagination to make them work.

But this post is about social media, so on to …

Point #2
Share what you do, using social media, with people who aren’t present. It demonstrates that you are not boring, and that you can interact with the rest of the world using modern communication.

Using an application on my cellphone, called MoTweet, I took a photo of Brian baking and preaching, and posted it directly to my Twitter account right in the middle of the sermon. It was so quick and easy, even more so than his chocolate cake recipe, and was certainly less obtrusive than I have been before taking photos at live events.

You can see the Tweet and Twitpic here –

Think now how you could use that sort of demonstration, for your organization, to show who is speaking at your meeting, what fun you are having you’re your training, how well the ice-breakers are going. The opportunities to use social media to demonstrate the purpose of your organizations are endless!

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