Why does the Recruitment process always take a backseat in terms of business priorities and why do we spend so much time & often money trying to create an Employer brand of Choice in the minds of People and then get some of the absolute basics wrong by keeping People waiting for weeks in the Recuitment process, without any meaningful feedback, even after they have been for 3 interviews and an assessment.

And then we want to know why Talented People don’t take our company seriously !!!

Please let me know why this is.

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  • Trevor Gildenhuys Post author

    Counter Offers – Attraction & Retention Meets, at whose expense ??

    I have read the many websites picked up on a google search on the topic of Counter Offers and have my own views, but what are your thoughts on this topic.

    I have just had a Senior Executive go through a significant & efficient Recruitment process with one of my clients. During my initial discussions, he gave no indication that he would consider a counter offer. He was flown to Cape Town by my client. The interview went well from both sides and he was very positive about the People, the Job & the Company.

    A week or so later, he was made an exceptionally attractive offer and indicated that he was accepting the offer, which I then communicated to the HR Director, my client.

    After discussing the matter with his CEO, his enthusiasm waned slightly and he was unable to sign the letter of appointment. He failed to respond to us at the times he said he would and after a few days, I received an email saying that he cannot accept the offer because his present company may have something for him !!!

    My client has expended time, effort & money and has been told one thing and now this Senior Exec goes back on his word (or is his word sufficient to form a legal & binding contract).

    Does this show a lack of integrity on the part of this Executive, is it happening as often as I am led to believe, is it acceptable and what are your experiences & views on this issue, has anyone successfully taken legal action against someone like this ?????


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  • Laurence Stubbs

    I’ve been in recruitment for almost as long as Trevor and my experience is that practically every company I have ever dealt with (both here and in the UK) recruits badly. In fact the ‘best’ companies just recruit less badly than the worst ones. All the parties involved in recruitment blame someone else for the problems. HR blames line managers and the recruitment consultants, recruitment consultants hate HR because they are seen as hindering the process and most line managers hate HR because they are forced to recruit through them and enforce rules on who they can recruit through and who they can recruit.

    The reality is that all of us involved in the recruitment process could behave better. Recruitment consultants need to communicate better with their candidates and only forward relevant CVs to clients. HR need to understand that if they treated the consultants with more respect (the contempt displayed sometimes is astounding), were more efficient and communicated better they would get a better service. And I don’t care how busy someone is, if they interviewed a candidate they owe that person timely feedback.

    Also candidates also need to come to the party and be more realistic about the jobs that they apply to. In analysing the responses for a recent advert which clearly stated that a relevant 3 year tertiary qualification was an absolute requirement I found that only 22 candidates who had applied out of 141 had one.

    The sad fact is that most companies will spend more time and thought in choosing the carpet for their reception than they will over their recruitment processes. There is rarely a long term plan, just short term reaction to immediate problems. How many HR people on this site can honestly say that their employers have succession plans in place for all their critical personnel?

  • Carol van Loggerenberg

    I think this happens mainly because business and its environment focus on filling positions rather than concentrating on the people factor. They see people as a commodity rather than the most important factor in the success of their business. HR and recruitment is also not seen as as a core function of business but rather “just another service department” and this results in recruitment seen just as filling up required numbers rather than concentrating on getting a person to vacancy job fit. With regards to recruiting HR, in turn, do rushed recruiting because of pressure from management and fill a vacancy and move on to filling the next one “forgetting” to get back to those who were not successful in applying. The focus has moved from getting the basic rights to just getting the job done.

  • Trevor Gildenhuys Post author

    My experience after 20 years in the Recruitment industry, as a Talent Scout (I don’t like the word agency – I act as an outsourced business partner on behalf of my clients, focusing on providing them with a Talent pool to recruit from), is that many companies still have the mindset that you are ‘blessed’ if you get the priviledge to interview with or work for our company, rather than realising that Talent is in short supply and that good People want to know what the entire value proposition of the Recruiting company is before they will consider the position and this includes being treated well throughout the process. This issue is also about protecting the brand image of the company. People involved in the Recruitment process with a company are going to be either loyal customers in the future or avid critics of that companies brand, saying they say they stand for …… but they didn’t have the deceny to …….. It also goes to just treating all people with some respect, as we would want to be treated – I am referring particularly to people who have been called in to attend interviews with Recruiting companies. Trevor

  • Pieter Staal

    Very thought provoking indeed. In my experience, the company/brand that prides itself of being the best and actually means it – gets back to you immediately. Many brands dont and then wonder why along the way they are not the preferred brand. Treat others as you would like to be treated – as easy as that – all in the attitude towards your client (applicant), yourself and your company (if its not your own).
    Also dont make promises you dont intend to keep (or know realistically you are not going to keep). Rather say that only shortlisted candidates will be responded too – rather be honest – because if you do employ one of those you have left hanging for a long time what sort of message did you send out to him/her – ethics and integrity – do honestly believe that he/she will really trust you?

  • Hannetjie Hock

    This is often due to inexperienced ‘recruiters’, ie. the recruitment process is done by someone who does not have the expertise to execute this process in the correct manner, someone who is not an expert in the art of recruitment & placement. Sometimes it is also due to lack of resources and budget. Another factor that comes into play is the urgency to fill the vacancy – which often leads to a lot of loose ends, ie. failing to regret unsuccessful candidates, etc.