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I choose to make every day I have fun. That is why I make every facilitation that I conduct fun for both the learner and myself.

As a previous Services SETA chamber manager and Department of Labour official, I know ETQA rules and requirements, and always comply with policy. Often we get so bogged down by the paperwork that we forget that we are moulding minds. Lets make learning fun again…..

By injecting my bubbly personality, subject expertises and “bag of tricks” into each session, I make my love for learning contagious.

I love conducting freelance facilitation in the following areas:
• Customer Service
• Management
• Administration
• Life Skills
• Entrepreneurial
• Marketing
• Mentor/coaching
• Team building

If you require an experienced facilitator (with reputable references), that will wow your client, please contact me. I am also a registered constituent assessor and RPL advisor.

I am located in Pretoria, but facilitate nationally.

Visit my website: or email me

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2 thoughts on “Choose a fun facilitator

  • Madge du Preez

    Leane…its the fun activities that last in their minds. So much one can learn from activities that lead to reflection, insight and knowledge of oneself and others. I LOOVVEEE fun workshops!! :)) We should collaborate…

  • Mpho Mpholo

    Wow a like minded soul at last.

    Hi Leanne, i just love your your blog and I totally agree with you that we are moldind minds here. I have found that the more enthusiastic i am, the more i bring out the best in my learners and as a result its doesnt feel as if i am actually working. I too am an experianced facilitator and registered constituent facilitator and have facilitated the folllowing courses:

    Life Skills
    First Aid
    Fire fighting
    Accident and incident investigation
    Health and Saftey Representative
    Workplace Ergonomics
    Communication Skills
    Induction training
    Business Practise
    inspirational Speaking
    Conflict management
    Customer Service
    Team building
    Leadership training……

    Yep, I think this is all of them, please give me a shout, would like to meet, exchange Idease and hopefully collaborate.

    NB; i have most of the training material for the course I have listed above.

    Warm regards

    Mpho Mpholo