Services SETA Constituent Assessor / Moderator Queries, Assessor/Moderator Training 2009 4

Good Afternoon

My name is Anne Whittle, and I am responsible for the Constituent Assessor / Moderator process within the Services SETA. I would appreciate it if you could forward queries, complaints etc. to me with regard to Assessor / Moderator issues and I will do my best to assist. I will also be updating my page on a daily basis with current information, so please visit to vent/enquire/complain and hopefully once you have been properly assisted, compliment.

You can either send a request to my page, or e-mail me directly on

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4 thoughts on “Services SETA Constituent Assessor / Moderator Queries, Assessor/Moderator Training 2009

  • Andrew Friedemann

    Hi Anne
    I am a constituent assesor and applied as Moderator as well at the same time as my wife (Michelle). She has recieved her moderator status but I have not. It has been over a year of waiting now. Please investigate. Thanx

  • Cornelius Msizi Gumede

    Greetings, I have just registered with Services SETA as an Assessor for a US in Communication, which is a success personally, since I am coming too far with my journey in life. I just need some guidance in terms of helping my organization with documents like, assessment policy and procedure, quality management systems and HR policy, where can I get templates for guidance or maybe a person to mentor me during this process, I will appreciate some help please.