The Dinokeng Scenarios 2

I would recommend everyone reading the exercise recently carried out (by a large discussion group) known as the Dinokeng Scenarios. It will make you think and probably scare you to bits……..but best one knows what the potential future possibilities are. A particularly serious issue is the impact that global competition will have on countries that do not build a strong knowledge economy, which in the case of SA, looks very doubtful with our poor educational status and depletion of skills in areas where they create jobs and enable service delivery.

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2 thoughts on “The Dinokeng Scenarios

  • Chris Reay Post author

    The Walk Together scenario means that we as the citizens MUST take action where we see fit to get govt to sit up and listen. As for action by govt even if they do listen, that is my concern, as it has become a body of much speak, debate, conferences, more conferences, enquiries, meetings, more meetings as though action is a horror to be avoided at all costs. There is evidence that when any action does occur, we have traded apartheid for slapgatheid ie poor general standards. Both are pretty ruinous.

  • Dale Williams

    Hello Chris

    Thanks for the post re Dinokeng.

    It does raise some fascinating questions and I believe some of the questions asked at the beginning of the video are the most interesting.

    The Mont Fleur Scenarios done in 1992 looking ten years ahead, in possibly a time of much more uncertainty, had a profound effect on the country, mainly through the people who took part – Trevor, Tito and friends.

    All the best