Training material for accreditation with CETA and AgriSETA 1

I am looking for training material for accreditation with the above mentioned SETAs. I am actually prepared to pay for the already developed material since it is something urgent to me. The training material required is as follows:
1. Construction Masonry NQF Level 4 I.D. no. 22671
2. Community House Building Level 2 I.D. no. 24273
AgriSETA: 1. Poultry Production Level 2, 2. Farming Level 2, 3. Mixed farming systems level 2.

Contact details
Trust Mamutse
083 634 7990 or 015 491 7047(office)

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One thought on “Training material for accreditation with CETA and AgriSETA

  • Robert Mangaliso Ngwenya

    Hi Trust,

    Did you find what you were looking for and if so, could you kindly refer us as we are looking for material for the following qualifications:

    1. National Certificate: Plant Production; NQF 1 Qual ID:48972
    2. National Certificate: Animal Production; NQF 1 Qual ID:48970
    3. National Certificate: Farming; NQF 2 Qual ID:20288
    4. General Education & Training Certificate: Poultry Production; NQF 1 Quali ID: 49580

    You can get me on 082 903 7852 or