A speedy response would be appreciated 1

Hi Colleagues
My comments the other day caused a flurry of note.
I agree with the suggestion of an open letter to the Minister.
Would it be helpful if we appended our signatures on that letter to demonstrate our collective frustration.
We need to make the Minister accountable for ensuring that things change for us, especially the smaller providers.
Allon ,will you kindly circulate said letter so that members can make comments and edit, etc.
Also, can we ensure that we have a due-by date for that letter to be delivered, as well as a due date for a response? We need to get cheeky or we will not see results.
Have a blessed day all!!!!

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One thought on “A speedy response would be appreciated

  • Brian Moores-Pitt

    If getting cheeky is the way forward, and in the extremely unlikely event that our accreditation certificate arrives before we retire, what about our blowing it up to a full page Sunday Times advert and telling its story in bullet format across the face. That might get some attention from the leadership!!