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International Masters Programmes for Trade Unionists
Masters Programme “Labour Policy and Globalisation”

In January 2007 the GLU Masters programme with a focus on Labour and Development started at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS), Johannesburg, South Africa. The core courses are: Labour and Development & Economic Policy, Globalisation and Labour.

Coupled with their Research Project which involves interaction with South African trade unions and/or other relevant organisations, the core and elective courses ensure that students have acquired wide ranging skills when they return to their unions. In addition, and linked to the overall GLU programme, there are global workshops, educational outings, conferences, publications and internet working groups. These facilitate genuine global dialogue and sustainable international networks between participants and stakeholders in the programme.

Course Structure

Students take one 14-week core course in each semester. In Semester 1, they are required to take a Research Methods Seminar, a non-accredited, intensive short course. They also choose one elective from a list of courses. Students ideally conduct their fieldwork for their MA research report in the mid-year break, linked to their internships. They use the second semester to draft their research reports. Their research reports are submitted by mid-December.

Lecturers from the GLU internationally participate throughout the course programme through the DAAD exchange, depending on availability.

Course Description

Labour and Development

This course analyses the role of labour in economic development, both historically and in the current time of globalization, with a focus on Southern Africa and the Global South. The course looks at the role of labour as an active agent of economic and political transformation.

Economic Policy, Globalisation and Labour

The aim of this course is to understand different approaches to macroeconomics and their implications for trade unions. The role of wages in different economic paradigms is examined as well as the role of incomes policy, macroeconomic co-operation and labour market institutions.

Electives (choice of one)1:
•Labour Movements in Developing Societies
•Global Institutions and Economic Restructuring
•Land and Agrarian Reform
•Economic Sociology
•Labour in the Global Economy
•Development as Ideology and Practice

1 During 2010 other electives may be on offer. Please consult the GLU coordinator for further information


Closing Date for Applications: 31 August

In order to apply for the course students need to complete the Wits University Application form and the checklist. The checklist is there to help ensure that all the necessary documentation is completed and also provides additional information that is required but that is not included in the WITS University application form.

All application forms and documentation with the checklist are to be mailed to:

Sociology Department
Global Labour University Project
University of the Witwatersrand
Private Bag 3
Wits 2050

For more information contact the coordinator at WITS, Mrs Zahn Gowar:
Tel: +27 11 7174443
Fax: +27 86 539 5484

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