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Academia has the responsibility to develop a theoretical foundation – an academic base – to develop a system of capital that is socially responsible. If we continue to educate executives, accountants, teachers – without inculcating how they contribute to our economy, to our country, then we have failed.

From Business, we need executives who have a “contextual intelligence”. To simply close down factories without any regard to the effect upon the individuals, upon society, upon our country, or to extract our mineral wealth while completely disregarding the “person” – that ivory tower mentality is no longer appropriate.

These dual challenges – to our innovative ability and to our common humanity – were laid down by Iqbal Survé in an inspiring presentation this week to the UCT Leadership Forum.

The full report on this inspirational presentation is attached.

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One thought on “Leadership for a New Economy

  • Sarah Didcott

    Research by Dr Goleman has shown that business performance and bottom-line can be enhanced by developing leaders who have emotional and social intelligence competencies in addition to IQ. Leadership development needs to look at these elements in more depth and the associated communication skills to integrate with the hard skills of management. Leaders who develop both emotional and intellectual intelligences will be able to not only make decisions that look beyond their immediate gratification and start looking toward sustainable development of value for the context that they are in, but will also have the self-awareness and communication skills to inspire, motivate and lead others toward achieving these longer-term visions.